So it’s been a fair few weeks now since Noctis was revealed. The vast majority of this time as been spent putting together this website to better convey what going on in Noctis. What I plan on building into Noctis, How everything is going to play together, and general updates for the development process.

Noctis is a Social Experience inside of Second Life with a RPG type gaming element. I chose Second Life as a platform because I know it well enough. The reality, though, is there is nothing like it right now that can allow people the freedom to join Noctis and really make it their own along with being able to use there fully custom character.



So for the first official post I put together a High Level Design of the path Noctis is about to embark on. I have broken this down into phases.


Phase I: Getting everything organized. [I am currently in this Phase]

I have a general idea of what I want Noctis to be as an end result but the little things that fill in the gaps and give depth are still being formed and developed. So this phase is really a lot fact finding. Finding out what people want, Gauging community interest. Defining what Noctis is. Etc.


Phase II: Development of The Experience

This is where the RP and the Lore really start to get put together. The stories written and the puzzles made. This also includes any assets that need to be made.


Phase III: Development of Combat

What I know right now is SL is limited with real time stuff so limited in fact there is really only movements a,w,s,d e,c and left mouse in mouse look and 3rd person left mouse click.

With that in mind a real time system will be possible without a 3rd dimension aka 2d plane of combat. Which means I can commandeer e,c  which creates 4 sets of basic and heavy attacks – or we can go old school turn based.


Phase IV: Development of External Systems

At this point I should absolutely know what LSL can and can’t do in the game and then develop external systems to handle that fact. Plus, External data storage because we all already know SL doesn’t have persistent storage … well good persistence storage, they introduced key-value pairs with the experience system. – will look into how useful this is to me and Noctis.


Phase V: Tying the system together and Beta

This is where we get to bring all the individual systems together and make one big giant cohesive thing. And then test it all in its glory.


Phase VI: Launch of 1.0

Time to play the game and mark your place in Noctis.

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