Noctis is a world enshrouded by a permanent darkness, the sun is something of legend to its inhabitants. There is also a legend of lands filled with light, but in this light there is said to live terrible creatures. The people and plants have adapted to the Shadows and go about their existence unhindered in what can be considered a post-human world. Humanity had its age, an age that collapsed leaving behind what would become Noctis and is no longer the only sentient life to walk the planet.


A character in Noctis is not really limited, the lore will allow for virtual anything imaginable. You get to be what you want, which is great because the customizability inside of Second Life is virtually limitless. Once you create your character it’s time to forge out its identity and root itself inside Noctis. What will you be, what will you become?


The combat in Noctis is largely undecided, it can go either real time or turn based. Real time will be a little challenging to pull off but it is doable. Combat is not a prime focus but it has an important role none the less. The end choice will largely be decided by the limitations I uncover during its build out process. Right now from the testing I have done. Its doable either way.